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You Care About Your Leader's Well-Being. So Do We.

As the benefit ministry of this church, Portico is responsible for leading our faith community through a fast-changing marketplace. That’s why this summer, we're sending you information designed to jump-start your 2016 planning ― one email a month. Read them carefully and forward to other decision-makers in your organization.

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Pastor Amy Stewart  

Wellness Voice: "Sanity Sessions" Wring Out Ministry Stress

The fitness center discount helps Pastor Amy Stewart and the staff of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Manchester, Mo., care for themselves so they can better care for the people they serve.

Do You Recognize These Signs of a Healthy Leader?

Congregations and professionals in ministry work together to support well-being. How does it make a difference? Read four examples of how a healthy leader sets the tone for a healthy church.

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Take Off Your Mask

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine