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Join the ELCA Wellness Reformation

When Portico president and CEO Jeff Thiemann spoke to the ELCA Conference of Bishops in October, he gave a clarion call for renewed commitment to physical and emotional health. See how congregations and organizations can encourage members of their community to make healthy change that lasts.

Hear Jeff's call for transformation
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Is Your Organization Eligible for an Unclaimed Tax Credit?

Some small employers may still be able to claim the small business health care tax credit offered by the Affordable Care Act from 2010-2013 by amending prior year tax returns.

Watch for Final 1% Discount Results

Thanks to all the ELCA-Primary members and spouses who took the Mayo Clinic health assessment by April 30. Final results will be posted around May 10.

How Will Your Organization Shape a Healthy Culture?

It's time to take longer strides toward being well. Portico's 2016 GO! Challenge has resources to help your community.

Robert Couden

It Takes a Plan to Pay Off a Mountain of Debt
How do you pay off $63,000 in debt? For Robert and Julie Couden, it was by saying "no" 63,000 times.

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Be Yourself

Tammy Devine  

Read this month's reflection from Tammy Devine


Make change that lasts