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Reflect, Renew, Recommit

Discerning the Next Steps on Your Path

Sometimes the call to serve seems to lead in a different direction. In these times, it is not always easy to hear the Holy Spirit, or to even know what to listen for.

This four and a half day retreat is designed for ELCA rostered ministers and spouses who are facing a critical discernment in their ministry, such as:

  • a current call which does not seem to be a good fit for their gifts
  • whether or not they are serving in a vocation that fits their strengths and gifts
  • if they might be better suited for a different form of ministry within the ELCA

Participants will:

  • Use personal reflection, small group conversation, and well-researched tools and exercises to enhance self-understanding
  • Identify core values, interests, personality characteristics, strengths, and gifts for ministry
  • Be spiritually grounded through worship, prayer, and devotional time

Upcoming Retreats

Retreat dates: January 29 – February 2, 2018
Location: McKanna-Sandrock Retreat Center, Lutheranch, Tallapoosa, GA
Cost: $500/participant; $300/spouse (includes lodging, transportation, and food)
To register: Contact your Bishop to begin the registration process

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