Investments & Accumulation Webinar

Whether retirement’s just around the corner or you’re still many years out, it’s likely that you’ve got some investing questions: What should I know about investing to help me achieve my goals? What resources are available to help me choose my investments and monitor whether I’m on track for retirement?

In this webinar, members of Portico’s investment and financial planning teams discuss:

  • Investment strategies you can use both now and in retirement
  • Fund options available through the ELCA Retirement Plan
  • Ways to make the most of your remaining working years


Investments & Accumulation Webinar
Presented on Oct. 17, 2017
Presenters and Panelists: Grace Pomroy, Curt Fee, Josh Stieler, and Brooks Rankin

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4 Things You Can Do Today

  1. Review your investments and contributions on myPortico. Check out your Retirement Account Summary on myPortico to see the most current information available about where your money is invested, how much you’re contributing pretax, and your retirement account balance. Want to make changes? Go to Choosing Your Funds on myPortico to review your options and learn how to make changes to your investments on Fidelity NetBenefits®.
  2. Use Portico’s Retirement Planning Tool to see if you’re on track for retirement. Portico’s Retirement Planning Tool can help you create a retirement plan in four straightforward steps. As part of the retirement planning process, the tool may recommend that you change your investments and/or increase your pretax contributions to your ELCA Retirement Plan account. You can make these changes right away by choosing to implement your plan at the end of the tool experience.
  3. Look into the ELCA social purpose funds to see if they might be a good investment option for you. Read more about investing for social impact to see how our positive social investing, screening, and shareholder advocacy efforts are making an impact. Remember, if you’re interested in social purpose investing, you can dip your toe in by placing a small portion of your assets in these funds, or dive right in — the choice is yours.
  4. Call a Portico Financial Planner with any investment questions. Want a helping hand as you make investment decisions? Call a Portico Financial Planner at 800.922.4896 to get financial guidance, at no out-of-pocket cost to you, from someone who understands the blessings and challenges of ministry. Whether you have a specific question or you’re not sure where to start, Portico Financial Planners are ready to help.