When you manage benefits for your organization, there are tasks you'll need to complete throughout the year on EmployerLink. As your organization's link to Portico, please share information with your organization's decision-makers.


Registered users can manage your organization's accounts online. All registered users will receive email notifications of your organization’s online transactions.

Your organization’s unique 11-digit access code is required for registration. To request your access code, contact us.

Registered users have access to confidential information about your organization and employees, and it's important to keep that information secure. You should:

  • Have more than one person from your organization register on EmployerLink.
  • Keep the access code in a safe place — new users will need it to register.
  • Never share your username and password with anyone else; new users must create their own usernames and passwords, using their own email addresses.
  • Regularly review who has access to EmployerLink, and deactivate those no longer needing access

Manage EmployerLink Account Access

Your Responsibilities

Here's what you need to do to manage your employees' benefits.

The entire payment process can be managed online. We email you when your bill is ready to be viewed. The easiest option is to pay online. You can also print a copy and mail it to us at the address on the bill.

Your organization is billed monthly for contributions to sponsor your employees in the ELCA Master Institutional Retirement Plan. Your bill may include:

  • Employer contributions for retirement and housing equity
  • Employer contributions to the equalization fund
  • Pretax retirement contributions withheld from your employee’s pay
  • Administrative fees

Your billed amount reflects any reported changes in defined compensation or employment that we have processed as of the date the bills are generated.

If you believe you need to pay an amount other than billed, please contact us.

Pay Your Bill

About Billing and Payments

Employee pretax contributions are amounts you are required to withhold from your sponsored employees' paychecks. You remit these contributions after they have been deducted, along with your monthly benefit payment.

Employee Administration for Payroll Withholding

It’s your responsibility to report any change that affects benefits, such as changes to compensation and employment (retirement, new hires, and terminations). Report compensation and employment changes to the MCNP HR and Benefits Office as soon as possible. Timely reporting is important. Your employees' retirement benefits and your monthly bill are based on defined compensation.

Remind your employee to contact Portico immediately if they get married, divorced, or add children to their family.

If your employees have payroll withholding amounts, you’ll need to make sure they’re correctly recorded on IRS Form W-2.

Portico offers the set of annually updated Richard R. Hammar tax guides at no cost to pastors and congregations participating in the ELCA benefit program.

Additional Tax Information

Use the information in Resources to learn about billing and payments, get help with taxes and compliance, and find out what to do when employees experience changes that affect their benefits.

View your organization’s information and manage who has access to EmployerLink.

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Manage EmployerLink Account Access